Welcome to FullSail Finance - The 3rd Generation Deflationary Yield Farm & Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol & AMM on Binance Smart Chain
FullSail Finance is a brand new DeFi project designed by an experienced development team as the 3rd generation deflationary yield farm & algorithmic stablecoin protocol & AMM on Binance Smart Chain.
Besides the buyback burning mechanism introduced by Goose Finance, we have implemented some unique innovative features on FullSail Finance's yield farm to fight against the inflation problem faced by most traditional yield farms and even Goose Finance.
Here are some highlight features that have already been implemented:
  • Automatic Emission Reduction
  • Hybrid Burning Mechanism
    • Buyback Burning
    • Transfer Tax Burning
  • On-chain Referral Program
  • Migrator Code Removed
  • Timelock Added at Launch
Unlike other deflationary yield farms, we don't plan to develop layered farming after launch. Because we think it doesn't make much sense to keep issuing new tokens by layered farming. Instead, according to our roadmap, we will release our algorithmic stablecoin protocol the first algorithmic stablecoin protocol on BSC which supports multiple stable assets. Read more about the algorithmic stablecoin protocol.
Kindly remind, please always Do Your Own Research! Only Invest what you can afford to lose.
Last modified 10mo ago
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