Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol
Inspired by BasisCash and bDollar protocol, our next mission after the launch is to develop the FullSail Finance Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol. But the difference is that our protocol will support multiple stable assets.
According to the plan, when our algorithmic stablecoin protocol is released, we will gradually issue 3 stable assets: FullSail Dollar (FUSD), FullSail BTC (FBTC), FullSail BNB (FBNB). It means the protocol consists of 7 tokens:
FullSail Finance Shares (FShare)
FullSail Dollar (FUSD)
FullSail Dollar Bonds (FUSD-Bond)
FullSail BTC (FBTC)
FullSail BTC Bonds (FBTC-Bond)
FullSail BNB (FBNB)
FullSail BNB Bonds (FBNB-Bond)
Only SAIL token can be used to farming FShare and the initial supply of each stable asset. And 10% of the expansion of each stable asset will be allocated to buyback SAIL token and burnt.
The above content is a brief introduction to FullSail Finance Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol, and a more detailed introduction will be released later.
Last modified 7mo ago
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